About Us
Altitude Creative is a full-service marketing agency servicing Geelong, Melbourne and far beyond. We are experts at strategy, lead generation, marketing automation and closing deals.

Our Value

We’ve worked with a LOT of brands and businesses, and we constantly stumble across businesses with unrealised potential that just need the right tools to grow. So, that’s our job – we’re the right tools to help you grow.

Altitude Creative has one sole purpose: understand the value of a brand, and figure out how to communicate it to the target audience in a way that they’ll engage. And we thrive on this purpose.

If you’re sitting there knowing that your marketing¬†could be better, if only you had the right resources, then it’s time to take the leap and ask us the question: Altitude Creative, how would you go about making my business better?

Marketing Agency

Altitude Creative is purpose-built to be embedded into your business as a dedicated marketing resource. Whether you need us short-term or ongoing, we're here to build your leads and sales.

Experienced Specialists

If you could employ one person, or you could have an entire dedicated team - which would you prefer? We provide our clients with a full range of specialist marketing professionals.

Flexible Arrangements

All of our marketing arrangements are designed to be flexible. We have a long-term view, which means we're happy to modify our services to you as you need, when you need.

Are you ready to work with a passionate, high-performing marketing team?

It all starts with a phone call for a brief chat, or we’d be pleased to have setup a coffee, to talk about how we might be able to benefit your business.