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You’re in luck! This blog will save you time and introduce you to the top online tools that are an absolute must-have for successful branding.

Disclaimer: this is not a paid ad!

1. Content Row – Enhance your Writing Content

Looking to boost your content game?

Content Row is your go-to for effective writing.

This online branding tool analyses your writing skills, polishes your text, and flags those weak, overused, and generic words. Time to say goodbye to Chat GPT.

2. Hashtag stack – Your Hashtag Wizard for Online branding

Running out of creative hashtags for your content?

Well, this can #SaveYouTime.

Introducing Hashtag Stack, your ultimate online branding hashtag wizard. Simply enter your niche, and voilà!

It generates a list of hashtags.

Say goodbye to hashtag stress and hello to hashtag success!

3. Snappa – Graphic Design Made Easy with Online Branding Tools

Don’t have the budget to hire a fancy graphic designer? Don’t worry!

Meet, your new online graphic sidekick.

This online tool is here to rescue small businesses, equipping you with easy graphic creation for ads, blogs, social media, headers, and emails.

With thousands of photos, graphics, and templates to choose from.

4. Google fonts – Revamp Your Text

Feeling like the text is putting you to sleep?

Time to wake up your brand with some font-tastic flair.

Enter Google Fonts, here you can explore many fonts and icons that you can download and jazz up to give your brand some personality. Plus, they’ve got symbols in Japanese, Russian, and more! Go ahead, let your text sizzle.

5. Coolors – Perfect Colour Palettes for Online Branding

Calling all my fellow perfectionists…

Ever had trouble finding that perfect colour combo for your brand?

Coolors, an online branding tool, generates beautiful colour palettes that match your style preferences. Plus, if you’re overwhelmed with options, Coolors can even recommend trendy colours and gradients.

No more colour dilemmas.

6. Pexels – Copyright-Free Visuals for Online Branding

Pexels offers millions of high-quality, royalty-free images and footage, giving you peace of mind regarding copyright concerns. With such a vast array of options to browse and select from, this online branding tool is a valuable resource.

7. Capcut – Simplest Video Editing Tool

There is no other way to level up your TikTok game, CapCut is the secret behind those trendy video templates you see all over TikTok.

You don’t need a degree in editing to use it – it’s super user-friendly.

CapCut lets you add all those trendy sounds from TikTok, special filters, and basic editing tools you need to make your videos pop. Get ready to shine on TikTok.

8. Kamua – Resize Online Tool

Kamua is the quickest online way to resize videos to fit any social media platform, hassle-free.

9. Figma – Design like a Pro

Figma is the easiest tool to bring your creative vision to life.

To crafting mock-ups, prototypes, apps, and websites that’ll make your design dreams a reality.

Get ready to design like a pro.

10. Piktochart – Create Engaging Infographics

Piktochart allows you to customise infographic templates that transform facts into fabulous visuals for social media posts.

Learning has never looked this good.

Thanks to technology, we’re living in the coolest era.

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: Top Online Branding Tools You Need as a Newbie
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